Wednesday, July 7, 2010

One step closer....

Well, it was a good meeting today with the Police, Transit, and the City's liaison. Unfortunately, with the timing of the meeting being plunked down the day before the Stampede Parade, two of the decision makers were understandably not able to attend. However, we have an encouragement that it should only be 'process' now. But we can't announce anything at this time.

However, please ensure to keep Aug. 21st open and plan to race a totally unique event that will bring cycling straight to the heart of our city and put it on display! This first year's event will be similar to Banff Bike Fest's first years where they had to rely on overwhelming support from the cycling community to solidify what is now an amazing annual spectacle for the city and the cycling community. Please ensure your club's get pumped for the Jason Lapierre Weekend as a whole, but focus on Sat. evening as a race you can not miss. Your participation in an event as public as this will not only be exciting and fun, but it will do a lot for the cycling community in general.

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