Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tour de Bowness is now the Niklas Group TdB

I just got an email from Bob at Bow Cycling with this message:

The Niklas Group Tour de Bowness is coming soon. Obvious with the name change we have a title sponsor for the event and will be upping the prizes on the webpage shortly. Speed Theory put on a great showing last year with a few strong cyclists managing four events in three days! We hope to see many of you out there on the August long weekend. All the details can be found at "Weekend in Canmore for top omnium cats 3-5, women a/b. Sponsor Casel on 17th. Cat 1/2 one week stay in Mexico at Casita Adelaide"

[editor] Bob is referring to Sandra and I trying to compete in the entire TdB and the Calgary 70.3 all in the same weekend. For me, this ended with getting dropped on the neutral lap of the crit and getting a bunch of 'Keep fighting!' and 'Good try!' comments from the crowd as I battled through 2 more laps before getting lapped!! :)
Note: The Tour de Bowness is a great event and always very well organized. We are hoping to emulate their crit organization for our event in late Aug. So, just so you have these dates on the calendar, there are now two huge races in Aug. that need to be attended. The NG TdB and the JayLap Memorial, both with awesome crits.....

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