Saturday, July 3, 2010

Road Race Report from Master's Nationals

Evening everyone,

Good showings by all Speed Theory racers at Master's Nationals today. The course has a tough headwind heading out, which meant a nice tailwind coming home. Results are here under the "Results Junior/Master" tab.

Speed Theorist Results:

Master Women: Shawna Donaldson, 14th., Laura Bennion, 11th.
Master A 30-39: Harley Borlee, 13th; Thomas Yip, 20th; Darcy Gullacher, 32th; Slayer Dan, 33th.
Master B 40-49: Dennis Bland, 15th; Keith Bayly, 17; Charles Bougie, 44th.
Master C 50-59: Michael Godfrey, 18th; Rick Courtney, 26; Carlos Salas, 28.

Congrats to all the winners!


Lockie said...

Great work, everyone! Now how about a blow-by-blow?! And what happened to the crit?

Darcy G said...

OK, here's a report from the back of the Master A race:

So, I knew I was punching way above my weight class in this race: a lowly Cat 5 thinking he was going to race 120 kms. So, I was fully expecting to take a DNF. That was until Slayer Dan gave me a firm lecture about negative talk and having my expectations set too low. So, I bore down and decided to give it my best shot.

So, I settled into the back third of the pack and started pedaling. A break went early, and unlike what one normally sees in a cat 5 race, no one felt the pressing need to go chase it down right away, which kept the pace down. There were a few surges, and the pace picked up up quite a bit after the first feed zone (at least I thought it got fast. Maybe that was just tempo riding). I got gapped at the turn and lost contact, so I'll let Thomas or Harley pick it up from there. I had a long, solitary ride back...

Rick C said...

The Masters C road race went very slow for 30 km. Then a series of very fast surges once we hit the river valley and the hills that followed. At the top of the last hill out of the valley on the return trip, I discovered I had a flattish tire. I believe it was a small leak from a pinch on a big pothole early in the race. I'm not sure how much that soft tire held me back, but it definitely didn't help as it gradually lost air. Unfortunately, that was the selection and I watched it ride away. I got a new wheel after a few minute wait and mostly solo TT'ed the last 30 km to end up only 6+ mins back.

It was pretty obvious that I wasn't in a provincial masters C race. But it was a fun weekend and a great chance to measure myself against some very fast old guys. I enjoyed all my races, even the flat I got in the road race - at least in retrospect. I have to improve another step. But I now have power files that tell me what kind of intervals I have to do to compete at this level. I'm shooting for a podium when I get to my 60's!!

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