Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wednesday, July 21

Its a rest day on the tour, the day before the Col du Tourmalet. The day in history Floyd erased his 8 minute tour defecit. Its also another Speed Theory hosted Wednesday Night Race Series. What would you like to see in a race? We could repeat the hill climb that was not well attended in early June because of the weather. We could run a 3 or 4 up team time trial, or just about anything. Add a comment and let me know your ideas. A little gravel perhaps?


paulr said...

What about a team trial - to make the teams a short prologue - then make up teams that have combined times very similar - then have a longer team time trial with the evenly weighted teams. Similar to what they do in drag races to make the races even.

Tom K said...

Sounds fun! I don't know if we have time for a prologue and a TTT Why don't we just make up the teams? Cat A and B's together for 40km and cat C for 30km... or something like that.

paulr said...

Maybe you could do something like the clock stops for the team who gets their first three or last three riders across the line first. Or however how many you decide makes sense and makes it competitive and forces the teams to work together.

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