Sunday, August 22, 2010

Awesome Volunteers!

Can you believe that we had over 60 volunteers help out this weekend - You guys were amazing! And we couldn't have had such a successful weekend without you!

Soooo Drum Roll....

Many Many Thanks To:

Definitely all the planning Masters Trev, Darcy, Charles and Tom (Wow!), Super volunteers Carl (is there anything you didn't do?), Stephen (saves the day with more food! And for making so many things smoother), all weekend volunteers: Rachael P, Bob B (Thanks to the Niklas Group!), Frank (when I'm not racing I'm helping), Marilyn, David, Out of nowhere *everything under control with this crazy office move happening non stop during the crit* Dave H & Steve W (don't worry everything is taken care of), the voices Dallas & Mike G, Melody (thank goodness for all the extra help at the crit), Lisa, Justin, Jason, Kelly, Cindy, Cate, Russ, Birdie, Bill, Mike H, Kyle, Our wickedly organized *food/cooking* women: Ruth, Brenda, Patti & *Chef Extraordinare* Matt (cooked over 300 burgers), Rob L, Joel, Rob W, Jennifer, Pam, Thomas, Jay & Simon (good luck at IMC next week!), Elise, Kailee, Marcy, Keith, Chris, Darryl, Darlene, Mary, Scott, Clarke (what would we have done without all that timmies?), Phillip, Jared, Shawna, Lockie, Rick, Steve P, Lorie, Crit Motorbike Riders Ryan and Dennis, Lisa M, Natalie, Carl L, Chester, Harley, All the ABA commies, ST mechanics Cam & Darcy...

I may have missed some - If yes I really apologize! I know a lot of Speed Theory folk arrived early and helped with the crit set up - It was such a breeze, thanks!



Darcy G said...

I think Emile deserves the biggest thanks of all! She did amazing work coordinating the volunteers, organizing the halls, getting food and supplies in and out of the hall, etc, etc, etc. Awesome work to all the volunteers that made this weekend so great!

Robert said...

Thank you Emile!

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