Friday, August 20, 2010

Race update !!

Great, we had a late surge of registrations and are at 100 (or almost) for all three events which was our goal for this year. We are really going to try to put on a great event for everyone to race and enjoy.

A few things to note:

2.) The food and the party are downtown at the Crit in the evening (Sat.). If you are racing the ITT, there will be stuff like coffee and donuts and muffins but after you are done racing, go back to your hotel/home and shower, then come down to the crit and enjoy the DJ and the pros on the mike! Mike Godfrey and Dallas Morris are becoming the Paul and Phil and Albertan cycling commentary and we are very pleased to have them covering our event. Come down and enjoy the atmosphere and cheer like crazy.

3.) The Crit, with the incredibly increased amount of work with bringing it front and center to the City, it is a learning curve for us. We have modeled it after the TdB Crit and Banff (awesome races), but please realize this is a first year event for all of us. Also, we are fighting the sunset, so be organized and ready to ride and ensure you have looked at your heat start time at the sign on, WELL IN ADVANCE of when you think your heat is going.

4.) We lost our most valuable volunteer this year due to some racers at previous events not treating her with the respect she deserves. This has placed a far greater burden on the club. If you are a racer, treat the volunteers with appreciation and respect. Anything less will result in your immediate disqualification. If you raise your voice to a volunteer, please EXPECT to be disqualified immediately, unless it is to yell 'Thank you'.

5.) Citizens !! We have a great turn out of Citizen racers for the ITT. These racers ensure our sustainable future because we all know they will be calling themselves race cyclists next year! If you see someone with a questioning look on their face, be sure to lend a hand. Encourage them to come and watch the Crit and maybe spend some time explaining how awesome they are to watch if they haven't seen one already.

IT'S RACE TIME !! The media is pumped, the City is pumped.... now it's time for you guys to put on a great show !!

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Brent said...

Great Advice Trev, sorry I am having to miss the races this weekend, good luck to you all :)

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