Monday, August 16, 2010

Upcoming TV coverage for Jay Lap Weekend - updated

Thanks to Tom, Lockie, Dennis & Mike Hayes for helping out today with Shaw, the coverage will be on starting tomorrow at 4:10 and will continue to loop in their programming in the sports.

The Calgary Downtown Association has us on their blog page

The next two shoots are Thursday 8:10 (meeting time) at City TV (7th Ave & 5th St SW) we will be on at 8:40am. That will likely be me, Lockie & Trev.

Then Thursday evening (7pm) with CFCN Edworthy Park south side, lets try to get as many people out as we can.

Please shoot me a note to I will have a more detailed schedule tomorrow.

You can also reach me on my cell at 403 512 3160.



Tom K said...

No promises (work and all) but I'll try and be there.
How does my hair look?
Does this bike make my ass look fast?

Dallas said...

Hey this is awesome !

Also the 'Bow River Flow' event is this weekend. Featuring among all the positive aspects, is the somewhat 'controversial' closing of the Memorial East bound lanes for all non-motorized traffic.
So please try to remember to mention 'sustainability' and how Improved Bike Lanes/ Access and development is a plus for the whole city. .. my 2 cents.

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