Monday, August 30, 2010

Kyle and Kelly Rock at Ironman Canada

A huge congratulations goes out to Speed Theory teammates and friends Kyle and Kelly. Kyle set a new personal best time of 8:40:45. Kelly in her first Ironman truly was amazing and came home in a time of 10:23:07. How amazing was Kelly - well she was 19th woman. Strip the pros out and she 6th. Nice!

Not to be over shadowed by his future wife, Kyle raced what I think has been his best Ironman. I thought he was going to take the whole thing. At 16km into the run Kyle was a mere 50 seconds off the leader! Then, gosh darn internet athlete tracker went down. Through texting, twitter, facebook the final result was known and Kyle would finish up as 5th Pro. Nice.

Great races team O'Toole and Marcotte!

[Editor] We had Simon Forman 11:04 , and Jay Rankin 10:55 from our team there too. Congrats on solid finishes!


Dennis said...

OMG that's amazing!

AlanO said...

WoW!!! That is amazing. Tom and I were out watching the event and saw all of you at least once. It was not the best of conditions for many of the participants so very nice work.

Kyle Marcotte said...

Thanks Sandra et all. Kelly and I got back late last night. We are super sore are tired but very happy with our races. Between the Calgary and Vancouver stores, Speed Theory was very well represented out there.

I guess it is now officially beer mile and cyclecross season.

Lockie said...

Super fricken rad, dude and dudette! You're going to have some FAST kids!

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