Monday, August 30, 2010

Speed Theory Cycling Clothing and Prizes from the JayLap Memorial

All the remaining Speed Theory Cycling Clothing is available to pick up at the store during store hours. Please ensure you pick up exactly what you ordered. I have a spreadsheet there for you to check off and ensure you get exactly what you ordered. Remember, we don't order anything extra, so if you accidentally grab a race cut instead of a club cut, or bibs instead of shorts, that means someone else doesn't get what they ordered.

Also, all the remaining prizes from the JayLap are at the store as well, please pick up your prize at your earliest convenience. These people have prizes: Sonia Utting, Stephen Lund, Cody Godlonton, Dale Hildebrand, Michael Hoang, Bryon Howard, Chris Hooper, Michael Waldhuber, and James Janzen (from a previous race).

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