Sunday, August 22, 2010


I guess one of the down sides of loving everything Bike, is you can really only do one thing at a time. My other favorite sport includes playing with the video and still cameras... but alas, I also got to play on the Microphone at the Criterium and had a blast doing that.
Mike ' the Godfather' Godfrey is one hilarious dude, and I'm glad he invited me along.

If I had an additional $15,000 for all the Media equipment I'd love to get, I'd try to produce bike videos full time. Instead, I managed to put together just this little montage here. The Music Track may be a little tame for you hardcores, but I thought it was fitting for the Main event... the Kids race.

I also knew Jason Lapierre, only as a cyclist acquaintance, but also as somebody who would lay the hurt down on my buddies in the Alberta Cup races. And I'm sure he would approve of this past weekends event as certainly worthy, and proud, of having his name on the Title.

JLap Criterium pre cursor. photos. from dallas on Vimeo.

'Great Job to all the Speed Theory peeps :-)

p.s. Want to give a little shout out to our DJ guy Ryan, with Kiss Productions, for pumpin the Phat beats that never let up for the whole 5 hours.


Robert said...

That was cool. The kids crit was pretty intense, cutthroat, and showed a fine display of how to tough it up after crashes to continue on.

Congrats again Mike, nice fist pump at the end.

Mike said...

Thanks Welchy!

And thank you to all the organizers/volunteers/race announcers, etc. The venues and staff were amazing.

That was the first time my wife, daughter, parents have ever been to a race and they were so impressed with how cool it all was, especially seeing the little kids crit with race numbers bigger than their bike! You've made some fans for life!

Thanks Speed Theory :)

Mike Hoang

Mike said...

anyone else in the 5's crit see the little girl watching in one of the corners, each time the group passed she held up her medal from the kids crit! haha! classic.

Trev said...

Mike, I will try to cut out the last two laps of your Crit on the video and post it soon.

That is great your parents and wife liked watching you race. You sure put on a show!


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