Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cycling Weekend Volunteer Document.

OK guys, it is time to ramp up and start filling out some duties for the JayLap. We NEED to make a good impression on the City for the Crit. So we need to overkill the volunteers on the safety side to ensure a smooth event.

This is an online document that you can edit. Please open this and put in your name where we need people. A lot of these positions can be done as well as racing.

Positions of note:
- The vehicles for the RR. Getting this sorted out would be great.
- Anyone who can help out Lorie and Carl with trucks or labour for Crit course prep and take down will be greatly appreciated.
- We expect most of the club to show up on the Crit course at around 3:30pm to help set up the course. We will only have about 45min to get the course sorted. Only if you are a Cat5 racer warming up would you not be expected to help.

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JayR said...

Count me in for help at the Crit. I'll be bringing gloves. Let me know where, when and how I can help.

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