Thursday, August 26, 2010

Winter Spin Classes

Several years ago I started my spin classes as a method for the team to 'gel' and get fit over the winter at the same time. It has been a roaring success and I have met a lot of my good friends this way. We talk racing all winter and by the time spring comes, we've covered every awesome scenario we can think of transpiring on the road. Of course most of the tall-tale talk is of successful break aways and daring attacks (like Mike's last lap Crit move!). Anyway, I am looking forward to these sessions again as I like the structure and connecting with my friends at least twice a week.

Now that this is a career for me, I don't really see things being handled any differently other than I am holding more spins classes. They will still be the small, social, race oriented, awesome music, painful sessions everyone loves. Therefore, it would be great to get as much of the team into these as possible.

I write this as the Mon/Wed class is sold out already and the Tues/Sun is on its way. I predict the Tues/Thurs early morning will be the next to go. I just wanted to give the team a heads up that Speed Theory Calgary is going to send out the spin times in its newsletter in the next couple days and I predict Mon/Wed and Tues/Sun to be gone after that. So if you are thinking about it, then it may be a good time.

The more racers in my classes then more fun for me definitely and it will provide you with other racers to share knowledge and experience with. If you are interested, sign up at

But's let not forget Cross season! It's time to start getting ready for that now!!


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