Thursday, August 5, 2010

Good luck, David!

While many of us are getting in some last-minute training this weekend, for Road Provincials in a week's time, Mr Morgantini is off to Edmonton to contest the Track Provincial Championships.

After a solid performance to take 2nd overall at the recent Power To The Pedals track race here in Calgary, David now faces the big dogs, as track provincials is based on age category, and lucky David will therefore be in Elite. Regardless of results, I'm sure it'll be it'll be a good, learning, suffer-fest of a time...even if most of the races are only a couple of minutes long, if that!

Good luck, David. Ride fast, turn left!


Jevon Almond said...

crush the pedals David!

Dennis said...

Awesome David!

RobWoolley said...

holy crap! Good luck David!

Robert said...

Nice! Have fun!

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