Sunday, August 22, 2010

We did it !!! What a TEAM event!

Well we pulled off the smoothest, coolest, back to back set of bike races I have ever been associated with. I can't wait to see the pictures of the Crit. The videos are totally awesome! I will try to get some highlights up on Vimeo for everyone once I catch up on sleep and nutrition.

I have the full ITT and road race results all tabulated as well as complete Omnium. I just have to pad the lists for the full Crit results and I will get this all posted. The podium celebrations for the Road Race and the Omnium took place about 15min after the last Cat 1/2 rider arrived at the hall. I will post a list of people who need to get a hold of me for an unclaimed prize.

Thank you to all the extreme volunteering this weekend. We dream up these big races and we all make it come true. I am pumped at how awesome everything went. I mean, that downtown Crit was THE coolest thing eh? I loved watching the pack all strung out coming around the 4th corner at full speed with the skyscrapers framing the shot and the sun reflecting off the windows! Wicked!

If you have pictures, email me. If you have praise post it, if you have criticism call me :)

Thanks again guys, that was totally great,


JayR said...

Outstanding weekend of races. I appreciate the amount of time and effort it takes to put these on. Everything appeared to go like clock work. Great job Trev! and team.

Dennis said...

What an awesome weekend. Thanks Trev for your amazing effort and incredible display of multitasking along with Emilie, Darcy, Charles and Tom for handling organization up to and including the events. Awesome job done by all the volunteers as well (a huge list). It was an ambitious effort and you totally pulled it off.

BTW did anyone else notice the snow-like material along the road when leaving Bergen today? That last Cat 1/2 lap wasn't so much fun in the hail... but I guess it's an Alberta RR tradition.

Brian Martin said...

Great job, can't wait to see how you top this one.

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