Wednesday, June 6, 2012

10th street bike lane Feedback

I don't use 10th street myself I don't know if it's good, bad or indifferent. "The Rosemont Community is hosting a Community Consultation regarding the City’s Pilot Bike Path on 10th Street . The meeting will be on Wednesday, June 13 at 7:30pm….The point of the meeting is to receive public feedback into how they feel the bikes lanes are going. I highly encourage folks from both sides of this argument to attend. I will try to get some of the city official to come out, but we really need members from the biking community to help give us some real feedback and options… Folks we need options and solutions, not just complaining…Please come and make sure the interests of our community are being voiced. 10 Street Bike Path Community Forum" Wednesday, June 13, 7:30pm at Rosemont Community Hall 2807 10th Street NW


Dennis said...

I will be out of town (of course) otherwise I would definitely attend. I live in Mt. Pleasant so 10 street is my primary route downtown and I use the bike lanes all the time.

The bike lanes are awesome, especially near 16 ave where there is always a lot of intersection congestion. However it does make the route more tedious by car. The "bike box" on 5th avenue never gets used (it's a complicated 3-step process and it takes a long time... I tried it) and most cars stop right on top of it anyways.

AlanO said...

I have been riding 10th everyday for many years now. The bike lanes have been an awesome addition. In fact I was certain before the bike lanes I was going to be killed on 10th. I know the automobile commuters are still very resentful about a lane disappearing ( I hear about it pretty much everyday from the people I work with). I can't make the meeting unfortunately but I'll be sure to make my opinion heard again by contacting the city

Dennis said...

Some additional comments in case anyone is available to attend:

- Get rid of the bike box on 5 ave at 10th street. Instead, provide a left turn bay at 4 ave for confident southbound cyclists and a crosswalk at 4 ave for less confident cyclists to walk their bike across. Removing the bike box on 5 Ave will also allow eastbound vehicles on 5 ave to turn right on the red light.

- Allow both southbound lanes of 10th street to go straight through the 5th avenue intersection.

- For 10th street southbound cyclists that turn left at 4th ave and proceed along 9a street to the pedestrian overpass over Memorial Drive, the overpass entry point needs to be re-aligned for cyclists. Currently it is 1980's-vintage narrow sidewalk that is not designed for cyclists at all. This is a real bottleneck for access to both the LRT pedestrian bridge and the Calatrava bridge.

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