Thursday, June 21, 2012

STC on Breakfast Television tomorrow morning at 7:20am!

Team, on City TV tomorrow morning the film crew will be spending the morning highlighting the 'Calgary Greenway Project'. There is a 13km stretch of the eventual 113km continuous pathway opening in the NE and there is an accompanied 'Walk-with-us' festival that will include the Mayor and several other political figures.

The completion of the Greenway Project will be a massive resource for us as it will include long uninterrupted stretches of relatively remote pathway. There is also a public open-air interval running track (with rubberized surface) planned in the SE alongside the pathway, which is a great idea.

Our club has a registered charity in Jason's name associated with the Greenway Project to build a useful sport related memorial alongside the pathway. This is really exciting, as we have the opportunity to do several great things at once. The club will provide the ideas and partial finances to build a portion of the exercise facility associated with the pathway. We plan to make our structure youth oriented as this was the demographic that Jason coached and one a lot of us are most interested in.

Tomorrow, on Breakfast Television at 7:20am, I will represent the club out on the pathway talking about how we plan to use it and why having these resources are so important. Our involvement with this is a team effort, just like our training and racing, and I am proud to be able to promote our club as healthy living advocates and promoters of significant works like the Greenway Project.



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Nice work Trev - great representation for us ;)

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