Sunday, June 10, 2012

Banff Bike Fest - Roll Call!

Time to get pumped... Banff Bike Fest is just days away!!
Who's all going, which category, and which races?

I'm in!

Reinier - Cat 5 - Prologue, ITT, Crit


PeteR said...

I'm in....Cat 5 hill climb, TT and the Crit


Marc said...

Cat 3 - Crit & Tunnel Mtn RR
Marc Enter

roblukacs said...

Rob Lukacs
TT, Crit, RR
Cat 3

Trev said...

Our open men's team for Cat 1/2 consists of:

Frank Woolstencroft
Jared Green
Dennis Bland
Trev Williams
Charles Bougie
Harley Borlee
Thomas Yip

Except for Jared, we are all staying at the Ptarmigan Inn on Banff Ave.

Steve P said...

Cat 5 - Prologue HC, TT, Crit

Chuck J said...

Did I mention that I don't like TT's, and that I have bad memories of the Norquay hill climb?

I'm in for the crit.

Chuck J said...

Oh, forgot to mention Cat 5...

cyclingphysio said...

I'm in for the cat 3/4 stage race. Staying with the kids at tunnel mountain (water slide mandatory)

Anonymous said...

So pumped it isn't even funny.

Cat 3 - full meal deal!


AlanO said...

I'm in. Cat 5 TT. I'll be leaving the tent in Kcountry mightily early. Hey Dave, can my favorite lucky pair of socks meet me in Banff for the tt? I haven't seen them since Saskatoon, I miss them and I'm on a losing streak.

Relentless said...

Stephen Kenny, CAT 4 prologue and TT, final intensity training before I head off for my 1200Km event next week.

Jennifer said...

Jen Mansell, racing everything but crit. If there are other ladies out there racing, please contact me at I need some tips for my first event. Also, I need to borrow/buy a women's jersey - probably small or medium depending on how small the fit is.


Derek Jobson said...

Signed up to Ride all races in Cat 4 not sure about the TT yet!

Derek Jobson

Lawrence Zalasky said...

I'm in as well -

Lawrence Zalasky
Cat 5 - Just the crit

MikeW said...

I'm in!

CAT 4 - Stage Race

Staying in a RV with the family at Tunnel Mtn campground.

MattJ said...

The Joss's are in.

Matt - Cat 4 Stage Race
Jennifer - Women Cat 3 Stage Race

Weather looks awesome...NOT!!!!!

Lelly Matthews said...

Lesley - I am in the women's stage race, Cat B. I'm a little nervous about the crit so if anyone has any tips, let me know! I'm staying in Canmore and will try to make it for the team dinner on Friday.

cyclingphysio said...

Alan, your socks are cleaned and packed. Waiting for you to bring them some luck. I was unsuccessful in doing so!

For those worried about the crit, I would be happy to have a pep talk at the team tent after the kids crit so share my (limited) experience and tricks for staying away from the Lead motorcycle.

Chuck J said...

cyclingphysio, Cat 5M Crit riders: We should definitely meet at the team tent and organize before the race. We'll have a much better race if we're organized!

Daryl B said...

Cat 5 - TT

It has been suggested I might want to try some aerobars.

As I have never used them, I don't know how easy they are to install/uninstall. However, I would love to try them if someone has a spare set laying around.

Contact me at 403.554.4404 or

Daryl B

Lawrence Zalasky said...

Chuck - agreed.

This will be the first crit I've ever done and was thinking it would be much easier if we try to organize ourselves a little bit.

Reinier Paauwe said...

Daryl, I have a set of clip-on aero bars that I will take up there Friday, but I don't recommend your first use being in a race. You're welcome to borrow them for a while to see if you like them however.

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