Sunday, June 17, 2012

Photos and stories from Banff Bike Fest 2012

Derek Jobson crushing the Crit.  Courtesy Double E Motors
What a great weekend! I know there are a lot of good stories out there to hear about the series of high quality events this past weekend! I can talk about our 7-man open men's stage race team. Overall, we did really well and entered the final day's road race fighting the other teams well. We ended up 13th on GC which we're all pretty happy with.

Scott and Andres are currently working on there photos and if anyone else out there has some good ones, please contact me and I will let you know how to get them up on the site.

Jenn Joss sprinting at finish. Courtesy Double E Motors
Courtesy Double E Motors Courtesy Double E MotorsFor now, here is Bicisport's Masa Higuchi's great shots of some of the crit action. I was relieved to see the pained look on the crit leader's faces in the Cat 1/2 race. It wasn't just me!!

Scott McGeachy and Andres Perdomo's photos.

Masa's crit album.

Masa's Road Race album

Double E Motors album

Trev keeping an eye on competition.  Courtesy Double E Motors
If you want to post a race report or tell everyone about some aspect of the weekend you enjoyed or was funny, then don't hesitate.



MikeW said...

Had a blast racing with my Cat 3/4 teammates over the weekend. My favorite race was the Tunnel Mtn RR on Sunday. Some good climbing plus technical, fun.

Shout out to Derek for 2nd place in the GC in Cat 4. Congratulations man!

I managed to scrape together points in 4 of 5 the events, plus GC points so I'm off to Cat 3 now.

The icing on the cake though was seeing my little girl in her first bike race. I wasn't sure if she would get scared and not do it or what. But, there she was, 2.5 years old ready to rock it at the start line. Giving the stare down to fellow racers and off like a rocket when the gun went off. Loved it! I'm very proud of her.

cyclingphysio said...

Mike, great job and welcome to Cat 3. You definitely belong here. Derek and Matt can't be far behind, so along with our new sprinting ace Marc Enter, Rob and Hooper we should be able to have some serious fun for the rest of the summer.

Great event, nice to have a soft crash this time, although it wasn't that soft for my poor bike (it's had a hard year). I have to agree that the tunnel mtn RR was the most fun I've ever had on a bike. I clocked 81.9 kM/Hr on the last downhill, which is the fastest I've ever gone on my bike, let alone in the rain around those corners. Too much fun!!

Special thanks to Stephen Pickett for the loaner wheel, I really appreciated it.

Bring on Devon!!

Marc said...

Nice work on CAT3 Mike! Speed Theory in CAT3 will actually look like a team!!

Dave - Devon is definitely more your style by the sounds of it - its high time your luck turned too. I'm trying to juggle a few things around so I can make it up there. Fingers crossed. With the 126km (or whatever it is) RR we'll need riders if we're going to counter getting bossed by the likes of PRW & RMCC as was the case at PLRR.

Reinier Paauwe said...

Thanks for posting the pics!
Also thanks to Trev for the wheels in the ITT.

It was great to see such a huge turnout, comraderie, and success of Speed Theory in all categories.

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