Tuesday, June 26, 2012

This Friday

I've led a serious double life, some of you may not know that. For many many years I was a beer swilling punk rocker who weighed close to 200 lbs of pure fast food. While times have changed every once and a while it's nice to remember where you came from.

I play in a band called downway, along with new speed theory member Dave Pederson. While we may not have gotten the fame and fortune, I have to say we were a pretty decent punk rock band, and we're playing a show this Friday night with the legendary Face to Face.

This is a big deal for us as we all grew up loving this band and while we did have a chance to play with them 12 years ago, this time is a much more intimate venue. If you are free this friday and would like a little punk rock in your life come on down.

Here is a link to our band's myspace, there are a few songs and videos we made for much music on there.



Marc said...

Awesome Dave! Sorry I'll miss you guys Friday. Is this a one time only event?

Trev said...

Dave, I was just listening to some of your tunes on MySpace while I was making coaching schedules and all the training sessions were stepped up in intensity !! :) You guys have some great tunes! Can Jaya come to the concert to rock out? She can mosh with the best.


cyclingphysio said...

That's awesome you guys thanks. Trev, I think you are kidding but in case you are not, she would need a fake ID. There is probably someone on our team who can arrange that, isn't there?

Thomas said...

SPI at the Black Lounge! I can't believe you are the same Dave(s). My distraught adolescence would never have been the same. I had Simon Says on play-eject-flip-play non-stop. Awesome.

You guys are famous to me.

cyclingphysio said...

That is so rad Thomas, thank you.

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