Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Banff Prologue Start List, Friday night team (family) dinner, and Sat.

Team, I am pumped about this weekend as most are. The weather looks to be the only deterrent, but it'll be OK. Wicked racing and bad weather still equals a great weekend.

The Prologue Start List and Times are posted here.

The team dinner Friday night is at the Elk & Oarsmen. The reservation is for 6pm and is under Mike Godfrey. They have veggie and gluten free options, so everyone should be accommodated! Once again, team mates AND FAMILY are welcome to come to this!

Saturday morning: we'll have the team tent set up early so everyone can warm up close to it. I will have several spare race wheels for people to borrow if they want.

Saturday evening:  Most of the team are staying at the Ptarmigan Inn, so we'll set up our tent close to that since it is right ON the Crit Course.  Here is a link showing the streets I am talking about. Walk your trainer and your bike over to our tent and we'll pump each other up together. Dave Holmes is going to give his 'Crit Tactics Jam Session' to the Cat5's there. Be there EARLY !!  You NEED to warm up well for a Crit, or your race will be 5minutes long. We'll line up all the Cat5's and you can warm up while Dave talks to you guys!!

See everyone this weekend!



Andres Perdomo said...

Hey Trev I will not be racing this weekend, but im definatelly going there to take pictures and support the team. I will be more than happy to take the tent and set it up. please email me to make the aregementes.
403 402 5412

Trev said...

Andres, That is great about the photos and the cheering! Lel (Lesley) just grabbed the tent and we are good! Thank you very much !

See you there!

PS: If you are around for the Cat 1/2 Crit, make sure to take the pictures of me in the FIRST few laps :) That may be your only opportunity !!


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