Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekly Tuesday Evening MTB Trail Ride - (Fat Tire Tuesdays?)

All you STC members with a MTB join us on Tuesday evenings! We will be riding every week starting June 5. Location and time will be posted in the training forum weekly by Tuesday at noon. See you out there!



Steve P said...

I've been wanting to give this 'M.T.B' thing a try for a while now. Am I going to get trashed if I have a hard tail?

Thomas said...

IMO a hard tail is the better bike to learn the technical aspects of mtbing on.

Whether you get thrashed is entirely up to you ;)

Hard tails rule.

Anonymous said...

You guys are soft. We rode bikes with no suspension for years. You really learn how to pick a line whn your fillings are being rattled out of your head. That said, I haven't been on my Mo-bike in a few years..I'll be a bit rusty.

Thomas said...

But they still had gears didn't they?

Anonymous said...

They had at least 5 gears! And they worked.. most of the time.

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