Thursday, June 28, 2012

STC Straightline, Downhill, Downwind Prologue

What: 6.4km Prologue
When: 2pm, Saturday, June 30
Where: Township Rd 250 and Highway 22 near the top of the little hill
The Course: Township Rd 250 to Springbank Airport (see map below)

Meeting point at 2pm: Wentworth Tim Horton's (same as Wheelers Ride start) to ride over, or park at the Springbank Airport if you are short on time.

This Saturday the "Mac Daddy" of all bike races Le Tour de France kicks of. This year the ASO has brought back the Prolouge, a 6.4km sufferfest in Liege (you may have heard of this Beglian town from Leige-Bastone-Leige).

We are looking to continue a Speed Theory tradition of doing our own Prolouge, same day, same distance (slightly different course). The pros are racing through downtown Liege on a basically flat course with several turns, our couse is downhill, dead straight and hopefully massively downwind. The challenge is to see if we can beat ANY of the pros time over the same distance. We are going early pm to give everyone plenty of time to watch the Tour, check all the cycling sites and still get out to race!

To give you a reference point, the last time the Prologue was part of the tour was 2010. It doesn't seem that long ago, but both Lance & Contador were racing and on the same team back then. On that day in Monaco Mathieu Perget racing for then Caisse D’eparnge what is now Movistar finished 195th with a time of 11:42 over 8.9 km a scant 1:42 behind the winner, some Swiss guy Fabian something (tried Googling him, couldn't find anthing). Cancellera averaged roughly 53.4kph over the course, poor old Mathieu could only muster an average of 45.4kph and noted TT specialist Andy Schleck came in 1:09 in arrears at an average speed of roughly 47kph!

It is likely the winner in the TDF Prologue will do their course in around 7:00 - 7:15 and based on the time gaps from the 2010 Prologue the last place guy should be somewhere around 8:20, just to give you something to shoot for.

The race is super bare bones. We can do it with as few as one volunteer to handle end timing, whoever is starting last will need to double as our starter (I will explain on race day). If we wanted to go deluxe and had 3 volunteers we would have a starter, holder and finish timer.

Please leave a comment 1) if you are planning on doing the race and 2) if you are willing to volunteer.


Dennis said...

Is this full aero or Eddy Mercxx? Be warned - if it's full aero I might break out my rubberized skinsuit.

mgodfrey said...

Full aero we are simulating the TDF Prologue, not sure if your suit would be legal! See you tomorrow.

Frank C said...

Frank C will volunteer

Rick C said...

I'll be there Mike

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