Sunday, June 3, 2012

What a club! Let's continue this momentum!

With no less than 3 big rides posted Sat. it was great to hear reports from all of them!  I did the Wheeler's Ride, with about 10 cyclists showing for that. Harley's group was huge (around 17?) when we saw them on Retreat Road heading out for their ride. And Lel's group in Banff had 11 club members checking out the parcours for Banff Bikefest! Oh, yah, and DJ Mike was out riding too :)

To all you new members, don't hesitate to post training rides in the 'Training Forum'. The rides don't need to be at regular times, they don't need to be formal, or structured. If you want company on a ride, and you have a few hours some time, post it, and you may get some ride buddies.

Also, we have about 15 new members since we did the second round of clothing. As well, I have been fielding questions from long time members that they forgot to order some pieces in the previous orders. Please leave a comment if you would like to order any kit. If there is a decent response, we'll do another round.

The Open Men's STC contingent for the Banff Stage Race team is all staying at the Ptarmigan Inn which is a great place and close to all the action. If you want to stay close to your team mates, then book a room there. Dennis, can you leave a comment on how to get that Bikefest rate for the rooms?

Great to see everyone out on the road!  Ensure to use the Wed. Night Series frequently and make sure to show up for Harley and Dan's Thursday Night Skills rides.




Wendy said...

Any guys out there want to buy my unworn (ordered incorrectly woops!) men's medium size jersey? If so, I would love to be a part of a new order so that I could get a women's medium! Thanks Trev!

Peter said...


Please add me to the list for a new clothing order.


Daryl B said...


Is the stuff from the 2nd order still going to be here on the 7th (i.e. Thursday)?

As for additional pieces, it will depend on what is included in a 3rd order.


Dennis said...

To get the special rate at the Ptarmigan Inn, use the promotional code "bikers" when you fill out the reservation form. Superior rooms still available at $149/night.

inbeall said...

I would like to order some more kit if there's another round.

- Isaac

arcticandrea said...

I'll put an order in if there's another round. Thanks!


sarah said...

I'd be in for another clothing order. Thanks!

Meghan B said...

If it's not too late I would be in for another order as well.


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