Monday, August 13, 2012

Alberta Cycling Superweek wrap up and dB Performance JayLap GC results.

That was a LOT of a racing! It was great to see so many Albertan cyclists embrace a real superweek or parts of it. For STC's part, we had a very successful 3 races to round up the last three events of the 8 race extravaganza.  Bob from Bowcycle and Joel of Niklas Group did an amazing job of the first 4 races. The addition of the Glenmore Park Circuit Race was quite an undertaking and not an easy feat to pull off, so ensure to thank those guys for going out of their way building on an already great event.

The Crankmasters are the 'masters' of the Time Trial and they didn't disappoint with an excellent, fast, windy, venue on perfect pavement and very little traffic. Some of the times were incredible, David Stephens rode a 25:05 for 20km, with a couple other awesome dudes right behind him.

STC Women after the Road Race. Jenn Joss successfully defended her Pink Jersey!
Then it was our turn! STC on full display and we put on a great show.  The revised Hill Climb course turned out to be an upgrade and one that was very successful. I am still receiving emails about how happy people were with the change. For the record it was 3.7km since I was able to add a little kicker right at the end for some icing on the pain cake. There was absolutely no shortage of suffering on the course. I started in the line up with all the amazing guys and saw they were all in their big rings. So I switched into my big ring for the start... ... .. then switched out about 100m into the course! Looking at photos of David, Bailey McKnight, and the other dudes, they were still in their big rings going up the Springbank wall !!!  Try that one day...holy cow!

Stephen Pickett on the Springbank WALL.
The Criterium was a crazy success and the kids race had me completely satisfied all the long hours were totally worth it. I am really looking forward to seeing some photos. Unleashing over 100 kids on the first wave was such a great thing to watch. Just like Mike said in a previous post, it was just pure cycling without anything but joy. Ben Chaddock did a super job posing for pictures over and over and over and over....    I was fortunate enough this year to hop into the last Crit of the evening and had a super time. I LOVE that course! Fast, fast, fast. 45km in 57min. Pretty neat to be part of that.

The Road Race was the finale of the Superweek and offered a challenging varied course. The beautiful landscape gave the racers something to appreciate while telling their legs and lungs to shut up. Watching from the finish line, the uphill finish capped a great event and a true 'Super Week'.

Alberta Cycling Superweek GC Results

dB Performance JayLap Hill Climb Results

dB Performance JayLap Criterium Results

dB Performance JayLap Road Race Results

dB Performance JayLap Stage Race GC Results

Photo taken by Robert Welch. The first wave of kids about to be unleashed!!
We have awesome trophies and medals for every stage of the JayLap as well as overall. All prize money will be sent out via bank transfer early next week and the hardware will be available for pick up soon. I need to spend my spare time with my daughter over the next few days so the prize money will be taking a back seat for a bit while I catch up on time, but it is coming.

We have an amazing team here at STC and Alberta Cycling is gathering momentum thanks in no small part to people like Joel of Niklas Group and Dennis of dB Performance who are offering their own company's money to further race cycling in our province. More people than most can imagine have donated a lot of their own time to help make an amazing week like this such a super unique opportunity for bike racers. If you know someone who volunteered throughout the course of this week, take them out for a beer and ensure they know you appreciate their efforts.

Thank you to the racers for coming out and making the event an exciting memory and one worth talking about.




Reinier Paauwe said...

Thanks Trev and all the other organizers for hosting this amazing event.
I was thrilled to be a part of something so unique and have fond memories of the races and the kinship shared amongst my fellow racers.
Can't wait till next year, although I'm also glad I don't have to saddle up today!!

Oh, and since I helped out a bit with the HC prep and crit tear down I treated myself to a beer (or two) last night. :-)

Lawrence Zalasky said...

Thanks Trev and everyone else who helped out, it was a great event. Even though the uphill finish in the road race completely destroyed me, I had a great time.

Thanks again!

Steve P said...

An amazing event - thanks to Trev and all the volunteers for making this weekend happen.

I couldn't wipe the damn grin off my face after placing well at the Crit on Saturday. It was a great conclusion to the year, and it couldn't have been done without the combined efforts of the team. Thanks to all!

(except my ass. my ass thanks no one)

MattJ said...

I echo these comments. Thanks Trev and everyone else who was involved in the organization of the weekend's events. And a special thank you particularly to all the volunteers without whom none of the events would have been able to take place.

For what it is worth, I thought that the new hill climb ITT on the Friday night was an outstanding new addition, and think we should definitely try our best to keep it as the prologue event in future years. Not much needs to be said about the crit - once again another HUGE success! As for the road race, I though the new course was awesome! I also heard nothing but compliments from other riders after the race. It had a little of everything to offer - big climbs, rollers, screaming descents, fast flat sections. Not to mention that brutally tough uphill finish. Definitely a keeper!

Nicely done Team!

Josh said...

The Bergen Hills RR was one of my favourites in 2011 and I was worried that the new course wouldn't be as awesome. Turns out that it was better! Thanks guys, you really put together a really fun weekend of racing. Work prevented me from participating on Friday and 'completing' the superweek but I think you guys are doing a good thing for racing in the province, hopefully you continue to build on the dream next year and it gets the attention of even more of the fastest dudes in Canada... and maybe even a few from elsewhere!

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