Friday, August 24, 2012

USA Pro Challenge Report

A business trip to Denver came at the right time. Today in Colorado Springs the race ended with 3 laps of a downtown circuit. Nibali and his little breakaway are about to be caught here with about 10 k to go. The riders dropped down from Breckenridge to Colorado Springs at 6100 feet.
.BMC pulling the pack along, George's last race I think. Cadel flatted just after this photo was taken, Tejay is hiding. No sign of Jens today
Horner was dressed for the high altitude, seemed like overkill though, 85 degrees here. Seems like I was a little too close to these guys, you don't realize it when taking photos.
Tommy D in the KOM jersey. Saturday is a hard day again starting just outside Denver up to Boulder, then over a few mountains, back down into Boulder and finish on Flagstaff Mountain.

If you have read Chris Lear's book - Running with the Buffaloes, Flagstaff Mountain is one of the cross country team's weekly runs. I'm going to run Magnolia Road or the Boulder Reservoir in the morning before the race gets here then later hike up Flagstaff for the finish. 

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