Sunday, August 12, 2012

Life is stressful when...

There is a great deal of work that goes into organizing an event.  One of which, albeit small, is booking the venues.  Not a complex, nor difficult task.  Simple really.

I had reserved the community centre in May, confirmed in June, then traded several phone messages about the best way to pick up the key the week leading up to the event. All seemed in order.

Stephen went up early on Saturday evening in order to get the key prior to the store closing (that's where one picks up the key for the hall).  He is greeted by the note below.  I paraphrase but I believe the first words out of his mouth were..'Are you shitting me?'

He tells the story well.  The wedding speeches were in full swing when Stephen enters the hall.  A hush falls over the crowd and he says "Is there a Maureen here".

Needless to say, there was a "discussion" regarding the fact that 150 riders, spouses, children, EMS and bike race officials will be at the community centre regardless of the note below.

As you may or may not know, my brother Stephen can be quite convincing when need arise.  We had full access to community hall.... 'nough said.



Marilyn said...

I would not have wanted to be Maureen that night. Stephen was definitely the right man for this job. I still chuckle when I think of Stephen, with his charm and sometimes colorful vocabulary, crashing the wedding to get the keys to the community center.

Marcy Kimpton said...

Thanks again Stephen for getting the job done and saving the day!!

Reinier Paauwe said...

Stephen Kenny - Calgary's version of Jens Voigt.

I can only imagine this is what he was thinking at the time:

"I get paid to to inflict pain and terror, for other people!"

Not surprisingly, hours later on the hills of Bergen, he ripped up the cat 4 field in much the same way!

Marc said...

I bumped into a lady from the wedding party. She was very concerned that it was made to look like it was the wedding party's fault for over staying or whatever. I told her that everything appeared to go really well as far as we cyclists were concerned an that she need not worry. After reading that post I have a better understanding of what the hell she was on about :P Looks like good old Bergen drops back a place in the running to host the next Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.

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