Thursday, August 9, 2012

Volunteers for THIS SUNDAY REQUIRED !!

Team, thank you to everyone for making the volunteer process so painless for us so far.

The biggest positions that haven't been filled so far are for the follow cars. The follow cars are needed to drive the Commissaires around the course behind the pelotons while they keep track of the racers. At a miminum we need 4 more people to volunteer to drive a Commissaire around. Ideally, it would be great to have wheel cars as well.

Please go to this link to sign up!

Thanks everyone.


arcticandrea said...

Trev - my Mom will be here for a visit and offered to drive. Does she need to know anything about racing/cycling?

Trev said...

No, we will give her a quick little tutorial for sure before she's sent out. Can you please have her sign up as a 'Wheel Car' driver and we may switch her to a Commissaire driver on the day. Thanks Andrea !!


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