Sunday, August 19, 2012

It's CX season!!! Fun, fun, fun...

Hello all you STC members with a CX bike,

 It's time to switch modes and get ready to run up hills, hop over barriers and finally master that darn remount!

 Thomas and I are excited to have you join us at  Kicking Horse Village  on September 1 and 2. This race is put on by Alex and Mike from Golden. They are a real swell couple and have put in some hard work to invite us to their hometown (you probably met them at the Jay Lap). Here are the details...

Also, we would love to see you all at the Kettle Cross Enduro. This is taking place at the Blackfoot recreation area just 40 km east of Edmonton. Sweet non-technical double track with fantastic views and several distance options. Here are the details...

Thomas, Stephen, Rob and I have a team entered. We need one more person to complete it. The team race is simply all the individual times added up for an overall time. If anyone is interested in doing the full length kettle cx race then join our team!!!

You know what Trev says.....the more you race, the cooler you are!

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