Monday, August 27, 2012

Godfrey Bike-a-poolooza this weekend.

Team, Mike's Spontaneously Somewhat-Annual Banff/Canmore bike-a-poolooza is tentatively scheduled for this weekend.

Tentatively prepare to be at Castle Junction on Sunday morning possibly for a ride to Radium and back maybe.

Godfrey is going to firm up the possible details with me soon or later so I can post them.

The team's goal will be to make Mike bonk again so we can collect more vocabulary so we fit right in when we enter the British Navy.



mgodfrey said...

The one person in the office that is familiar with endurance sports thinks I must have been bonking... I read this then let out a long, loud (and very creative) string of expletives... I have been asked to attend a meeting pertaining to the company code of conduct... Never read stuff that might piss you off BEFORE lunch, always after wtf

PS congrats to all our team mates who kicked ass at Ironman, great work!

Anonymous said...

I'm in. I recommend that we only feed Mike enough to get him to Radium. Then we turn on the camera and mic to record the slow and steady decline from nice,calm,cordial Mike to Mike the "I'll eat your head off and spit out your entrails" he is rumored to be.

Trev said...

It is no rumour Tom.

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