Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Godfrey's Mountainous Annual Monument.

OK, things are slowly shaping up.  First off, this is going to be a family event for me, so that is why the ride times may start earlier than most would think appropriate. Get the ride conquered so I can play. Also, these times are somewhat tentative, so check back here for updates.

Friday evening 6:30pm:   Quarry Lake swim.   Kid's play on the shore while parents do a few loops of the lake.

Sat. morning 9:30am:  Vermillion Crossing to Radium and back.  Drive to Vermillion Crossing and join us there. It is 40km south of Castle Junction. Since this is an 'out and back' you can turn around at the top of the Radium hill and head back to your car if you want. It would be cool to have some company!  Here is the ride.  I will be riding this one straight through since I want to be home in time for (see below) horse back riding. So I will be filling my bottles in Radium and heading out. Mike may be convinced to hang out for longer!

Sat late afternoon:  Horse back riding with the kids in Banff. You can rent a horse for $20 for like an hour and they let you lead it and the kids around!

Sat evening:  Dinner somewhere cool? Email me if you are coming and we'll set something up.

Sunday morning Time (TBA) :  Emerald Lake ride. This is a beauty. The plan is to ride to Emerald Lake and have an amazing meal over-looking the amazing view. Then ride back. Or meet your spouse at the restaurant and have a super meal and drive home. It isn't that long of a ride, so if we all split up, no big deal.

Monday morning  Time (TBA):  Mike is going to lead everyone on a Tour de Banff hills sort of ride. It should be fun and include far far too much climbing... so be sure to come!


mgodfrey said...

The more team mates we can get out the better, think of this as Penticton Lite. Chances are you still have some crazy good fitness and these are all terrific rides. In addition to the Saturday ride, I will be doing a short run and on Sunday after the Emerald Lake ride, I will be doing a swim, either at Two Jack or maybe back at Quarry. The Monday ride will be really fun and since it loops back through Banff a number of times can be a shorter ride if you are not feeling it and yes loads of climbing!

Anonymous said...

I'm in for sure! The MikeFondo or is it the McFondo? He'll need some food.

cyclingphysio said...

I'm in for the Vermillion ride, but I'm going to start at 8:00 from Castle Junction (always wanted to do that climb). Hopefully that is enough time to reach you guys. Pumped.

Trev said...

Dave, I am starting from Canmore at 6am. Drive the 1A while you are going up there and you will see me. Then you'll know the rough time frame I should be rolling through Castle Junction so you can join me. I will love the company!!


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