Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Long lost SPINNER friends

Are any of you spinners still visiting this page? Hope the training and racing is going well for you guys and you feel the classes were of benefit.

If Murray, Rick, Mitzi, Bonnie, Tracey, Sophia, Kim, Mandy are still out there, drop a comment and let us know how the riding is going.

We may see you guys on July 12th at the SpeedTheory race, but hopefully again in late Sept or early Oct when we start creating new playlists and getting ready for 2009.



Greg said...

Hey Trev,

What's the info on the Speed Theory ITT on July 12? I think I'll be in town that day.

Trev said...

It is going to be a 2-stage ITT Omnium. We will have the technical guide out very soon. It will be one of my first priorities as soon as I finish school on the 30th.

I will check with the ABA but I believe you will be able to get a one-day race license since it's not a mass start event.

The courses will be 27km and 11km out near the Grand Valley and Horse Creek area.

We've gone out of our way to make the 11km tough :)

Thanks for asking.


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