Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Velocity Criterium

After a quick pitstop at the Fort Saskatchewan subway the Speed Theory train traveled to the Alberta Research Council grounds for an afternoon of technical turns and wind gusts.

Cat 5, lead by the speedy Mr. Kenny, put on a clinic with Lockie and Rob L putting in some quality time whipping up the pace. In fact, Rob L contested in the sprint and wound up touching down on the pavement. No worse for the wear he continued to be a rockstar for the rest of the day.

Cat 4 was rolling to the tune of none other than A-train who was rolling with a full head of steam. Alternating between lurking and charging off the front Alex made it a tough 30 minutes on the field. James T put in a huge effort to keep contact with the surging crowd.

Rod, Kristian and Jason were representatives in cat 3. Rod, a crit specialist, showed us all how it's done sneaking into a break and regulating the entire pack until the bell lap. It was only a tire width that prevented him from securing the win. Kristian powered around the course with the main pack keeping things under tight control. Unfortunately Jason pulled like a machine but his air intake system was suffering some early season allergies.

Cat 1/2 Featured our tough guys Steve and Trev. After a weird mechanical issue held up part of the peleton Trev and Steve had to fight back into the pack. It took a bit but Trev put in a herculean effort and regained contact and apply some pressure on the HnR boys. SteveO found himself with a small chase pack that seem content to let him do most of the work. In the end a strong showing from the top dudes.

[Edit by Trev] I placed no pressure on the HnR boys. The only pressure I felt was my heart about to burst from my chest.

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