Monday, May 5, 2008

Velocity TT

In a much anticipated start to the 2008 racing season Speed Theory descended upon Fort Saskatchewan / Edmonton with a fury reminiscent of a fair lady's scorn. Missing from the plot this year was the prairie tempest of brutal weather. Our legion of racers were able to toe the line in full skin suits, full discs and with only a whisper of wind. It was to be a display of raw power and wind cheating prowess.

The Cat 5 crew was comprised of Lockie, Mike Chui, New Rob, Old Rob, MikeG and Mr. Kenny. Lockie and new Rob put in stellar performances for their racing debut while MikeC and Old Rob put down strong rides to maintain lurker positioning in the GC. However, the morning belonged to the statesmen of Speed Theory with Mr. Kenny showing everyone what threshold effort really is and MikeG cheating the wind better than anyone taking 1st and 3rd respectively.

Cat 4 representation was provided by the dynamic duo of A Train and James T. Mr. T pitied the fools that couldn't match his finely tuned position and discipline with a strong TT. In the TT there can only be one and it was none other than Alex Shaw powering away from the field by 20 seconds. Can anyone stop this man?

Cat 3 featured Kristian, Jason and Rod (aka I don't like TTs). Strong solid performances by all the Speed Theory gents. Suffice it to say, these gents suffered hard and looked great doing it. I believe the entire crew finished top 15 with Rod securing 6th. Fast Legs Frank, a friend of speed theory, took the TT without foaming at the mouth.

Cat 1/2 is the home of Steve and Trev. Both have PhDs in suffering and showed that they can sit in the hurt box with the best of them. Trev's pain manifests itself in facial hair, people he was clean shaven at the start of the race. Steve, ever the class act, suffered but was sure to pep talk all the cat 5s that were hurting post TT.

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Anonymous said...

Just to get facts straight I was 6th in the TT.
Rod M

Rob said...

Bah, cut me some slack, I'm trying to do this all from memory ;-D

Tegan Owens said...

Great job guys! I wish I could have been there!

Mike "Chewy" said...

I weren't so sure about the RR after the Police Half the weekend prior. I sure am glad I did it now - it was a much needed change from the marathon training.

Congrates to everyone this weekend. Looking forward to Pigeon Lake.

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