Saturday, May 24, 2008

We got into the Banff Stage Race !! and ST Cycling picks up new Cat2 rider.

Well, apparently we got the last wildcard slot for the Road Race in Banff on June 22nd !! This is very good news for ST Cycling. Our crew will show up fit and ready to hammer. This will be a high-profile event and good exposure for the club. All Cat3 - 5 riders should be racing the TT and/or Crit on Sat. to continue our dominate position on top of the Alberta Road Race scene. And our Cat2 crew will try our best to represent in the stage race.

The proposed 6 man team will be: Jared, Kyle, Alex (pending upgrade), Rod, Trev, and .....

ST Cycling picks up Chad Kozak. Cat 1 cyclist and Tour de Whiterock Criterium winner in 2000
Here is a list of some of Chad's accomplishments. I think it will be pretty obvious who the rest of us will be working for during the race. I personally am super excited to have a team to race with and wil give everything I have to set up Chad for a good showing! Alex and I had an awesome Saturday workout just talking about this race. WE ARE PUMPED !!

Brief bio:
3 sport national championship medalist.
- Duathon (Silver a couple times and Gold once)
- Cycling (espoire RR silver)
- Track and Field (junior 10k bronze)

Career highlights:
- 10th at 2000 Duathlon World Elite championships in France (Top NorthAmerican).
- Winner of the Tour of WhiteRock Crit 2000.
- Silver at the 2000 National Cycling championships Espoire. (10th overall)
- University of Hawaii Athlete of the year 1995. (for X-Country)
- Never lost to Kyle Marcotte in a Running race, Duathlon or Cycling Race...yet.

Brief bio on Chad according to Kyle:
"This guy is rad."


Mike "Chewy" said...
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Anonymous said...

I've never lost to Kyle in a race yet either!

Rod M.

Mike "Chewy" said...

I was planning to do the Banff Races on Saturday then do the Sky's ride to Calgary on the Sunday.

Maybe I'll stay to watch the RR instead.

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