Monday, May 5, 2008

Velocity tt

Wow, there were some smokin results in the TT.

Cat 5 had Steve K. tearing the course up for the win. Mike G. pulled out a 3rd place and will be gunning for the crit this afternoon.

Cat 4 had a similar domination with Alex taking the win.

Cat 3 was take by a close friend of SpeedTheory (and a ST at heart). Frank W. showed he is not only a mountain goat, but he can crank out a short TT too. Rod ended up 6th (so much for not being able to tt), Kristian was 8th and Jason was 12th.

Cat 2 was a tight finish at the top with the top 8 within 20 or so seconds. Trev was 8th in a very stacked field.

All I can say about these performances is wow! That is an amazing showing.

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