Monday, May 12, 2008

Splash, Pedal, and Gasp.

Our Carl Miiler competed in what was a brutally windy and rainy day in Lethbridge.

Full Results here.

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Carl Miiller said...

Carl's Race Report:
Sunday started with light rain & big winds. This year the temps were about 5C, no snow flakes like last year.
I had alot of fun racing my buddy's son, Kenton Wilkenson, 16 yrs old. First olympic triathlon.
Kenton and I started in the same swim lane - he hammered me by a couple minutes in the pool.
After a long run to the transition area, I got on my bike and started to reel him in. After about 15 minutes, you loose feeling in your feet and hands from the cold. You just try and end the pain as quick as you can. At about half way, I final caught the "young buck" and told him we would meet again on the run.
The first few km's of the run are awkward running on frozen hunks of meat but finally, things warm up and you realize how much trouble your in so you push harder. At the turn around, Kenton had already closed the gap - he was only 500 m behind me. I tried to stay in front as long as I could, but he finally caught me & passed with authority. I kept him in reach up the big hill out of the valley but couldn't match his sprint to the finish.

Well done Kenton! - (my time was slightly better than his due to staggered swim start - but he is the winner in my eyes)


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