Thursday, May 15, 2008

C4 Wednesday Night Race Series

Three ST lads headed down to Dunbow Rd last night for the first race in the Crankmaster's Wednesday Night Race Series, a 10 mile TT. The Crankies have put some thought into it and have alternating weeks of TT and RR, with the TT's being a mixed bag of hill climbs, 10km-rest-10km, Eddy Merckx night, and so forth. Should be fun/painful.

As for results, prelim results have one of the Crankys taking a couple of seconds win over our indomitable Stephen Kenny, who, to his defence, drove 95 hours from Tucson, Arizona, straight to the race. I finished about 15 minutes after Stephen, and Chewy is protesting his cyclecomputer-reported time of 28:30.


Anonymous said...

I'll get the results out tomorrow. Been tied up at the CSPG conference. Glad to see you guys out, its looking like fun.

Mike "Chewy" said...

Results are out on the Crankmaster blog:

1 Ryan Barr 22:59
2 Stephen Kenney 23:05
3 Lev Krivitsky 23:36
4 Lachlan Holmes 24:33
9 Michael Chui 25:45

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