Thursday, May 15, 2008

Midweek Mayhem

Midweek Mayhem crit racing kicked off this past Tuesday at the Research Park, with the biggest turnout in 5 years according to one of the organisers, around 30 in both groups. The course is in pretty good shape and has been swept free of gravel. The strong wind shut down breakaway attempts in both groups, much to this dismay of people heckling from the sidelines.

With the large turnout in both A and B groups, there were plenty of racers on hand for marshalling the race they didn't ride in, and for getting enough placings to see me cross the line in 3rd. Steve German filled out the Speed Theory contingent for the evening, but I think he heard his Mum calling during the final sprint and had to head off for dinner.

Get your lazy butts out, guys! Next week they're supposed to have finish-photo training, so make sure you throw your bike at the line to get photographic proof of pipping that guy for 37th.

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