Wednesday, May 28, 2008

C4 WNS week 2

Steve, Chewy and I were down at Priddis last Wednesday night, undeterred by some ominous looking clouds. Apparently other teams aren't as determined...there were only 9 guys total that came out this time. So with the small field, Jamie opted to just run the one group on the 24km course.

A lively pace started out on the long downwind leg, with everyone jockeying for position, and Stephen taunting the competition with multiple attacks and generally messing with people's heads. I lauched an attack or two of my own to test out the benefits of uphill and downhill attacks and whatnot. Like Stephen, my attacks were casually reeled in by an unconcerned pack.

Shortly before the end of the first leg, about half way, I attacked near the top of a hill. By the bottom, Stephen came to join me and we had about 30 metres on the pack. We traded pulls coming across the wind, and maintained the gap when we turned into the wind soon after. Stephen's said we should at least make them work to catch us, so we had to "suffer" (Steve's all about the "suffer more!" :) ). We worked hard for the next few k's, and the pack fell further behind. Well, Stephen worked hard pulling, and I worked hard to stay on his wheel and take some short-ass pulls. Basically, the last third of the race, it was all Stephen "The Machine" Kenny. We did a couple of long hard pulls on the final 2km cross/downwind leg, and Stephen cranked a solid "lead out" (the pack was 2 minutes back by this point). With 200m to go, I launched off his wheel up the hill like I was on my newpaper route again and the guard dog was after me, and I crossed the line with quads that were about to explode.

From what I heard, Darcy of Bici took Jeff with 20 metres to go, and Chewy came in shortly after, before jetting off to swim for 4 hours in a pool somewhere.

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