Monday, May 5, 2008

Great weekend of racing!!

We'll get a post up here soon, but what a great weekend. Our Cat5 pack gelled as a team and brought home the overall win. A-Train TT'd and rode away from everyone for the overall Cat4 win, and Rod pulled some sweet moves to nip the Cat3 overall win by 2 seconds ! Exciting !

Stephen Kenney and old friend Ben Adam broke from the Cat5 field in the road race and duked it out for 25km off the front. The finishing straight was in a tailwind and we could watch from about 600m out. The both went to opposite sides of the lane and went at the sprint mano-a-mano. It was open season drag racing !! Awesome ! If someone has a link to the video of Vino doing that with someone in the Tour a few years back post it... it was just like that !!

I think everyone on the team had a good time in Edmonton regardless of how they placed. Old-Rob took some AWESOME pics of the crit we'll get up here soon with a report.


Greg said...

awesome work. It was fun to come out and watch.

Anonymous said...

Dan Sigouin,

Your auntie from Sask. told me to tell you you are a wimp and should have come to Velocity.

Rod M.

Trev said...

Dan, on top of what Rod said, we found out that your extended family calls you 'Danny Boy'. It was funny how she never refered to you as 'Dan'.

Jason said...

I have to say that the weekend of racing was just awesome to be a part of! Congratulations to everyone for putting in such a great effort and having fun while doing it.


Dan Sigouin said...


She'll be at Bikes On Broadway as well, we can all hook up there and crack more jokes at my expense!

I scored major dad points with my daughter attending her first communion.

Looks like you guys had an awesome weekend and I really wish I could have been there to race and protect my tattered image.

Like they always say, you can choose your friends, you can't choose your family! :)


Anonymous said...

i had a great weekend in edmonton and am really stoked for the team and all the results that a few of us got (not me!) well done!!
i want to tell every one that the tues. nite crits are on starting tomorrow at the university
midweek meyhem. com i think

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