Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pigeon Lake.... our next BIG goal.

Guys, Pigeon Lake Road Race is out next 'focus' event, where we'll expect most SpeedTheorists to attend. Please register and mark it on your calendar. The Criterium will be fun, and I would love you guys to do it, but domination of Cat 3,4,5 Road Races will be our 'focus'.

Also, we HAVE to get Kristian 'Rock Racing' Schneck a sleeveless jersey.

We are also currently, the number 1 racing team in Alberta !! Check it.
Our team for Pigeon RR

Support / Feed / On-the-Road Tactics .... James 'The Crux' , Mike H.
Cat5 ..... New-Rob, Old-Rob, Slayer Dan, Carl, Lockie, Mark, Mike G., Paul A., Rui
Cat 4 .... Stephen
Cat 3 .... A-Train, Steve
Cat 2 .... Rod, Jared

Those going to Oliver Half Iron .... Kyle, Paul C., Ryan
Those going to Ironman 70.3 Boise .... Jason 'Make em hit the ' Wall
Those doing the MTN Gv'r 8'r .... Trev
Those going to prenatal class .... Kristian


Kyle Marcotte said...

Sorry, I'm at the Oliver half IM that weekend.

Mike "Chewy" said...

I'm in for the crit on Saturday.

Trev said...

Kyle, yes, Ryan is too.

Good luck guys !


Carl Miiller said...

Carl Miiller is in for the RR.

Rob said...

I'm in for the RR.

RobLukacs said...

I'm in....I will be 'supporting Dan and Mike' and 'representing the team'

Lockie said...

I'm in for both. Yeah ST!

mark said...

I am in for both

Anonymous said...

Hey - I'm like Kyle (sort of). I will be doing the Oliver Half that weekend.

Good Luck.

Paul C.

Dan Sigouin said...

I am in for sure, I am also thinking of taking my tent trailer up to camp over if anyone else is interested, we could get 4 guys in it for sure. I'm thinking RR and crit.


A-Train said...

I'm in for both.

mgodfrey said...

I am planning on doing both, RR for sure

Tegan Owens said...

I'm finally home. I should be able to race on the 31.

Anonymous said...

I will only be doing the RR as I have a dinner to go to on Sat night.

Rod M

Anonymous said...

same as rod, i got a bbq and will stock up for the road racethe nite before...rod wanna car pool??

Anonymous said...

sounds good Steve

Rod M

Jared Green said...

Rod, Steve. Room for one more in the car?

Anonymous said...

I drive a honda, so 3 guys won't be a problem but 3 bikes will be.

Rod M

Anonymous said...

i guess we have to take my truck, but dont hurt me if it breaks down!! and we have to ttt to pigeon

Jared Green said...

Stevo, Rod. I am going to go up with Frank, so you guys are ok in the honda. Can we draft you the whole way up though?

Anonymous said...

so rod,
we still going up together?
i can meet you in airdrie at 7 am?
383 7217

Anonymous said...

sounds good steve, is 7 early enough? I don't even know what time the race starts and remember it being further than I thought it would be.
Let me know


Rod M

Anonymous said...

maybe be in airdrie for 6;30 load up and leave.
we can meet at timmys and find a place to park for the day.
so have your cell on hand if anything happens early sun. morn

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