Sunday, March 21, 2010

Farewell-to-Winter Huge Club Spin!

Guys, tomorrow night, Monday the 22nd, I would like to invite everyone down for a huge 'see yah' to winter with a big group spin session! The Mon/Wed night spinners have graciously opened their class to have a big meet-n-greet spin. We'll be spinning at 6:30pm, so get there at 6:10pm in the big new Speed Theory location with your bike/trainer/water bottles/a few towels and lots of motivation for a solid workout. It would be good to see a few new members without their helmets and sunglasses on! It would also be a great opportunity for the women to reconnect and plan some rides.

The new store can handle a ton of people, so it would be cool to see how many it can handle and get a great workout at the same time.


polishbaba said...

Hey New Women (okay and men)-

This is an awesome way to meet other members. Come on out - let's see all the women coming!!!!


lori said...

Where is there parking at the new store?

David said...

The road is free after 6pm.

Darcy G said...


Thanks for the invite, but I just dragged all my stuff home from the Oval, and I'm not about to pack it all into my car again! The only time I'm getting on my trainer now is to warm up for a race.


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