Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Perfect Draft

Today, down at the intersection of Glenmore Trail and Sarcee Trail heading westbound a rare opportunity arose while riding home from work. 2 eighteen wheelers were stopped at the lights and I pulled in behind the second one. They started heading west on Highway 8/Glenmore Trail at a reasonable speed and I could draft a little. I do this all the time and it only lasts for a few seconds as they get up to highway speeds fairly quickly. Today however was perfect. I stayed in their draft, pedaling like a bastard in my 52/12 on the cross bike with bad brakes. I have no hero cam or computer or GPS so this is all here say but I must have been going 70 kmh ??? at max. Our caravan slowed down for the light at Highway 8 and 69th Street and I left their draft and passed them for an instant on the shoulder until they blew by me for the last time heading west. So I drafted for about 2 k. The cars behind me got a real show.

A few years ago at the same place I got into a draft while riding the fixed gear. By the time I realized what I was doing it was almost too late because you can’t just stop pedaling. Cyrus Kangerloo was riding along on his own in the shoulder and I passed him in the draft of the 18 wheeler, he had a good laugh at the old guy drafting an 18 wheeler on a fixed gear bike on the highway. He might remember if he ever reads this.

I should get a hero cam or perhaps grow up.


Thomas said...

Definitely goPro Mike.

Cyrus said...

Ah yes, I definitely remember being passed by the motor-pacing fixed gear rider a few years ago; legs frantically trying to keep up with the pedals. I bet you were re-creating that training scene from "Breaking Away".
Classic motor-pacing action!

Trev said...

Mike, the club has 2 HERO's.... grab one and get the 18 wheelers to line up again and show us what you've got!

Never grow up.


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