Saturday, March 27, 2010

Interim Official World Prairie-Roubaix Champion Declared.

The club hit up 2 loops of the PR course hard today, right from the proposed Start/Finish.

Lachlan attacked about 5min into the first loop with only a few people able to hold his wheel. He then attacked that pace line a few minutes later on an up hill... never to look back. A few of us tried to put up a fight, but I think I saw Lachlan from about 500m behind with both arms raised for about the entire last Kilometer.

He will be wearing number 101 for the race.



Jevon Almond said...

glad to have a taste of the strength speed theory has to offer.

jevon (learning to climb)

Dennis said...

Damn! Sounds like it was awesome race. Was Lachlan using his aero bars on the gravel again?

Have you guys figured out start/finish, etc?

Robert said...

That was fun. The gravel was one of the faster parts.


Lockie said...

LMAO! Hilarious, Trev! Although you forgot to mention that you rode in the paddocks in beside the road, towing a combine harvester.

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