Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday Night Series (WNS) Races

Many of you have raced in the Crankmasters Wednesday Night Race Series (WNS) in the past. Last year, Speed Theory showed up in large numbers and many preferred this type of racing to the ABA series. Speed Theory hosted two of the races last year, both were a big success. Jamie Marshall organizes WNS on behalf of Crankmasters.

Racing in the series will give you the confidence to race in packs and practice strategy.

This year, Speed Theory will host three Wednesday night races: June 9; July 21 and August 4. I have volunteered to organize on behalf of Speed Theory. I have some ideas for race format and I am looking for other ideas. WNS has not really featured a hill climb so one of our races will probably have a hill climb format, maybe three hill repeats with points for absolute time, closest to predicted time and consistency in times??

That never-ending hill connecting Road 773 (Road to Nepal) westbound to Highway 22 might work. We could also repeat the TT format north of Crowchild that we used last year. Please post a reply or send me a note if you have other ideas.

As the plans mature I will post updates. If you think you can volunteer on one of those evenings please also let me know.

Also, keep an eye on the WNS blog for updates -

It is a good idea to become a secondary member of Crankmasters for about $35 for the season and race free, otherwise it is about $5 for each race.


Clarke E said...

Not to mention that as a secondary member, you also get to race in the races posted here:

lori said...

I really like your hill climb idea!

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