Thursday, March 11, 2010

Let's get the party started.

Let's get a big training ride happening on Sat.
Nothing like a big early season double pace-line cutting a swath through the foothills.

Meeting Place: Rocky Ridge Co-op, corner of Crowchild Trail and 12 Mile Coulee Road. Click Here.
Meeting Time: 11:00 am
Level of Ride: Any club member or ABA member (but must be a member of at least one).
Ride Route: The plan is to head north to 262 at WARM UP pace (no one wins the warm up), head to Cochrane and drop in via Gleneagles, 2 or 3 hill repeats of Cochrane in Australian pursuit style, then spin home on 1A (AT COOL DOWN PACE).

The purpose of this ride for me is to meet a bunch of the new club members and catch up with ones I haven't ridden with in a long time. Chatting pace out and back, and ballistic on the hill.

Alex and I will be there to help with group riding skills and get people comfortable AND SAFE with riding close. Any other vets coming would be great.

Wear your SpeedTheory clothing if you have it.
No helmet.... no riding with our group.


Simon said...

I'm in... see you tomorrow.

Simon (new).

RobWoolley said...

Darnit! Have fun guys. I am running in the st. Patty's 10K tomorrow. Promise not to laugh when you see me next!

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