Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spin is over ... time for some Cat 5 rides

Hey all,

Just wanted to put up a quick post on a couple topics:

1) Outdoor rides ... Rui and I will be heading out from the Rocky Ridge Co-op around 4:30 on Friday (right Rui). The plan is to do a ride out towards Cochrane, which will likely include the hill and a return trip on Retreat Road. Should take under two hours. We have also talked about riding on Saturday and Sunday, looking at heading out to Bragg Creek on one day and riding the Prairie Roubiax course on the other. I want to leave around 10 am, as I like to have my afternoons to chill out and get other stuff done. More details on these rides will be posted closer to the weekend on the training ride forum.

2) Penticton Bike and Wine Camp ... yes, I am including wine in my week. As per the numerous posts, everyone should be aware by now that our team will be out at Penticton from May 16 to 22 to do some epic riding. I have been out riding around Penticton a couple times and there are some amazing rides planned. This will be my first year doing the full week (I did one whole day last year) and I am looking forward to getting a lot of miles on my legs. As per Marilyn's email to get the ladies to come out, I would like to challenge Cat 5s and 4s to come out and do some riding. While I want to push myself as hard as I can, I know there will be a few days where I will cut off from the hardcore pack and take the scenic route. Thanks to Ryan for putting this together, I look forward to crushing you. Who knows, maybe I will be brave and join in for the climb up to Apex.

See you all on the road!


Ryan said...

Expect the next Penticton update in the next couple of days including a link to insurance, Day 1 rides and winery feature. Whoop. Whoop.

Simon said...

Regarding the Penticton camp...

My wife booked us at the Tiki Shores and mentioned that we were with SpeedTheory. The nice lady on the phone said that if 4 other people book and say they're with the team, we all get a 10% discount.

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