Monday, May 17, 2010

Still Need 8 Volunteers for Velocitus!! May 30th

96 Speed Theory Members and can't get 8 More to volunteer? C'mon guys/gals, step up!! Don't you have any friends?

Races cannot happen without volunteers, and I need 16 of them for May 30th. Calling all partners, friends, super moms, crazy dads, siblings, grannies, ex’s, whatever it takes!

It’s going to be a gorgeous day (for sure right?) – a few hours of time PLUS you get to watch an awesome race, spend time outside, enjoy a BBQ and cheer on the racers.

If you are not racing PLEASE come out and help – after all, when YOU race others have given some of their time for you!

New Racers/Women’s team: want to see what TT racing is all about? Now’s the chance to figure it out so that you can be ready for the next race ;) No excuses!

--> Volunteers will need to be on site tentatively 30min before race start i.e 8:30am. A few may be required earlier. Details to come.

Email Emilie elangevin (at) if you are available to come out and help – or if you have an incredibilus volunteer for us!

… Alternatively we just might pick at random from those speed theory registered racers to volunteer instead of race? Wanna take that chance?? …


Scott G-C said...


I can volunteer that weekend.


Tom K said...

Lesley has her parents in town and can't volunteer. I'll see if I can dig someone up.

I love the poster!

Emilie and David said...

Awesome Scott! I'll put you on my list :)

Keep me posted Tom!!

Carl Miiller said...

I have the finish line posts and starting ramp stored at my house if we decide to use them. Let me know what you need.

Count me in on couse set-up.

Extremely cool poster!

Carl Miiller

marshallmatt said...

Sorry guys, I would love to come out and help but my ambulance practicum isnt over until june 14th. Best of Luck to you though!!

Clarke E said...

Does my buying Tim Hortons for the race count as volunteering?

Emilie and David said...

Thanks Carl - Trev had you on his list. I'm thinking we will use the posts and ramp?

Tom any luck digging someone up? ;)


Steve said...

I can volunteer that weekend.
Steve W.

Relentless said...

I can help out on Sunday and I think I can talk my daughter Danielle to come out.
Stephen Kenny

Tom K said...

I've volunteered Alan O. to come and help since he's not racing due to an injury.

AlanO said...

I can't race so put me down to volunteer.

Emilie and David said...

Perfect, thanks Alan!

Is there an email I can reach you at?

AlanO said...

Yes. My email is

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