Monday, May 17, 2010


So I guess this is why it's the SALTY dog...I won't go on as Shawna seems to have summed the race up rather finely...
However, it was a great race, a wicked course and a super effort by all. Such a relentless course... if you're not powering up steep pinches through the switchbacks on the way up, or stomping a big gear up the fire-road, you're rattling your teeth out on the fantastic, twisty, turny singletrack warp speed descent, chuckling with delight at the absurdly wonderful event! Nice work Rick, Shawna and Thomas... although Thomas neglected to bring any gears or rear bounce to the event which is admirably crazy in itself on such a course!
See you all at the Trans Stoney!


Dallas said...

there's no reults up eh ? who took the Solo mens/ womans ?. Top 5 ?

Shawna said...

Results can be found here:

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