Monday, May 17, 2010

News From Penticton

Nice work on the mountain bike tour boys. Way to represent. Mark and Carson swear they saw you guys tearing through Revelstoke Saturday morning when we were coming back into town from our ride. Day 0.5 saw Mark, Carson and I trying to ascend Mt. Revelstoke until we hit snow. We made it to around 12.5km (half way), which is great because last year Jared, Jeff and I made it only 5km.

Day 1 was the Anarchist ride. We started out with nine riders. (Krista made a short but sweet appearance for the first 30kms) The weather was great as Carson took top points for King of the Mountain, followed by Harley and then myself. Kudos to Mark and Natalie for making it to within 500m to the Sasquatch (turn around point).
Just so you know, this 175 km ride was 40km longer than those two had ever ridden before, which brings us to Day 2 - Ironman Loop/Apex!!! Duh, duh, duuuuuh...

I'll just say there were casualties. The score was Apex: 3, Speed Theory: 5. At least we came out on top. Again, Carson "Human Power Meter" Bannon (he snapped his chain TWICE on the descent from Apex) won the King of the
Mountain, followed by Mike "Who-Would-Have-Thought" Healy and Ryan "Pottie-Mouth" Murray.
Marilyn "Fly and Die" Taylor took it out hard, inspired by her playlist, but couldn't hold off the final surge by Ryan. Natalie "I'll-Just-Do-The-Whole-Ride" Cormier (Official Speed Theory Dark Horse, BY. THE. WAY.) gave Speed Theory the win! Today was exhausting. Mark "I-Think-I-Just-Saw-Jesus" Shand officially had his first ever bonk. He knew it was over on Richter's, which means he still had 90km to go. Kudos to Paul "We're-Doing-The-Ironman-Loop-ANNNNNND-Apex?!?!?!?" Anderson
and Simon "Off-The-Front" Forman for rescuing and escorting Mark back to Penticton. Mark is currently on the coach beside me sorting it out. Once back in Penticton, Mike logged today's ride at 190km and 8200ft of total climbing. Yessssss.

I'm going to bed. Harley, we missed you today. Hope to see you out tomorrow!

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Thomas said...

Yeah that was us (Shawna, Carthy and I) in the black Tacoma with bikes in the bed. What a surprise to see Speed Theory kit while rolling into Revelstoke.

Sounds like you guys are having a wicked time putting in some serious miles and elevation....jealous.

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